Do you want to lead a fuller life? To achieve and succeed by better understanding yourself?

In his book, Spiritual Rags to Spiritual Riches: Reaching Your Higher Self, author Vennie L. Watts invites you to invest in yourself. Watts uses his poetry to reveal to you how to transform and develop personally and spiritually.

Poems like ‘Negapositivity’ and ‘Megapositivity’ contrast feeling lost and discovering self-transformation, urging you make a difference and ‘lead the generations to come.’ Other poems like ‘Centers’ and ‘Into the Essence of Riches’ will remind you to keep your life Christ-centered and to develop yourself spiritually. Included after each thought-provoking poem is a page for journaling to allow you to reflect on what you’ve read and further apply Watts’s words to your life. Allow Watts to encourage you to journey inside yourself and find your true potential.

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